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After a long day at work, wouldn’t it be refreshing to be able to relax in your very own outdoor haven at home? Turn your current patio into an outdoor space where you can recharge and relax! Let Willamette Valley General Contractors transform your patio into a new and elegant outdoor space for dining, leisure, and entertainment.

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Adding Style, Appeal, And Taste To Your Patio

Adding a look and feel that bridges the natural outdoor environment and your home’s design style is important. Here are three main patio types that can really tie things together and give your patio a new appeal, appearance, and taste:

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  • Brick patios – Brick adds that authentic feel and style to your patio. The Landscaping Experts offers a wide range of brick products from a variety of raw materials and top manufacturers. Brick comes in both rectangular shapes, as well as curved or geometric shapes. You can also use brick for your patio light posts, columns, retaining walls, and patio steps. Thinking of building an outdoor fireplace in your patio? Brick is the right product for it.


  • Concrete patios – Concrete is so versatile and flexible and can be as decorative as it is functional. Concrete patios can be embossed with variable pattern and texture styles – from brick, flagstone, granite tile, and even wood. Thinking of updating your outdoor pool deck? Stamped concrete is your quick and beautiful solution.


  • Paver patios – Paver blocks are the most popular patio and hardscaping material for their bond-free construction and beautiful installation patterns. Pavers are rectangular patio building materials that are made from cut stone like granite, sandstone, slate, Belgian block, or from pre-cast concrete. You may also use pavers for your patio steps, paths, and walkways, as well as driveways.